Customer testimonials

Hearing other people’s take is the best way to make your own opinion of a company. Here, you will find some of tokimeki’s customer testimonials to give you an idea of how the tokimeki team works and how we may support your future projects in Japan.

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Customer testimonials 
Kanazawa City

tokimeki’s mission : preparing and supporting the pre Olympics and Paralympics camps for the French Swimming, Weightlifting and Para Swimming teams in Kanazawa

・Kanazawa City was Host Town for the French Swimming, Weightlifting and Para Swimming teams’ pre Games camps, and tokimeki took on prior negociations as well as translation during the camps.  

・It was the first time for Kanazawa City to host such high-level sport teams. tokimeki’s high language skills helped tremedously when it came to pre-camps communication and negociation so that we could understand the precise needs of the teams especially regarding specific training equipment and vocabulary. Thanks to them easing comprehension, we could prepare the best conditions for the teams to train.

・There were also a lot of protocols regarding Corona that kept changing. tokimeki kept the French side regularly informed of the Japanese Athlete Track visa, the Bubble protocols, the evolution of the pandemic in Japan and other rules that the team would have to respect in order to hold the safest training camps possible. Thanks to their clear communication, the French teams came to Japan with a serene state of mind and we were able to gain their trust in full.

・More than simple translators, they often offered ideas to bypass difficulties. tokimeki was a true partner working with us towards a common goal offering their expertise at numerous occasions which we were very grateful for.

・Other than their obvious language skills, their positive personalities put a smile on everyone’s faces. We would really love working with them again should the occasion arise.  

・Even after the Pre Game Camps, Kanazawa has kept some active online exchanges between French teams and Kanazawa youths. It’s thanks to tokimeki that there is such a legacy for the Host Town program. Kanazawa City will keep on strengthening the foundations of the exchanges with French teams, and we hope to rely on tokimeki in the future to help us build them up.