Event in Japan – tokimeki’s services

Be it business events, sports events, incentive travel, pop-up shops, entry market and more, contact us for a successful and unforgettable event in Japan.

From first contact to attending you during your stay in Japan, we will provide a trustworthy and tailor-made service to answer your operation’s every needs.

event in Japan 
First contact

Finding the right intermediary in a faraway country that we don’t know, or don’t know well is never easy, especially if you don’t know the language…

We will be here to make this essential first encounter easier for you by finding and introducing you to trustworthy people that will see through your projects in Japan.

event Japan 
Follow up

Maybe you are not comfortable with the Japanese language? We will take care of that ! Speaking English, French and Japanese, we can translate and interprete communications between you and your partners.

Let us be in charge of following your project for you, playing the role of a bridge between you and your Japanese contacts, keeping you updated on the project’s advancements, developments and needs.

Being used to the Japanese work ethic, we will know how to guide and support you in the realization of your work project so that you may keep up with it without having to travel.


If you so wish, we will be here to welcome you to Japan ourselves.

We may also support you during your whole stay to guarantee a dependable and unforgettable experience.

Please feel free to reach out if you’re looking to diversify your business trip in Japan. We will introduce you to our Getaway program where you will discover the Japan that we love making it a trip that will stay engraved in your memory.

We may also provide other services on request :

  • translation
  • interpreting
  • consulting