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ときめき. tokimeki

“Having your heart race with excitement.”

Launching a venture in a foreign land, navigating through a maze of new cultural nuances and a different language, is an exhilarating challenge. With us guiding you, your journey will be one of courage and curiosity, peppered with enriching encounters and vibrant discoveries — a journey that will make your heart leap for Japan. 

tokimeki is your gateway to the wonders of this rich culture, encouraging you to embrace and connect with its essence. Our mission is to foster enduring partnerships that transform your global ventures into rewarding, human-centered experiences. 

The tokimeki team

Alice Agnellet tokimeki co-founder


Mathilde DUBOIS


Together, we will build durable collaborations that will make your projects successful international human stories.

tokimeki was born in 2021, a brainchild of Alice and Mathilde, whose friendship blossomed from a mutual adoration for the Land of the Rising Sun. Driven by their fervor, they ventured to make Japan their home, where they have flourished professionally. 

Masters of three languages—French, English, and Japanese—they wield a comprehensive understanding of Japanese corporate etiquette and global project dynamics. At Tokimeki, their collective wisdom and insights are your bridge to turning fleeting professional aspirations into tangible realities in Japan. 

They trusted us with numerous projects

Baron Philippe de Rothschild

City of Kanazawa

French Swimming Federation

Our expertises

Wine and spirits

Alice launched her career with Baron Philippe de Rothschild in 2011. She was awarded the title of Wine Adviser by the Japan Sommelier Association in 2014 and elevated to Sommelier in 2017. 

Since 2021, tokimeki has been instrumental in crafting a series of distinguished dinners and events for Baron Philippe de Rothschild. 

High Performance Sport

tokimeki has nurtured a significant relationship with the French national swimming teams since the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, ensuring their training in Kanazawa was conducted in optimal conditions. With an extensive network fostered over her seven-year career in the International Relations Division at the Kanazawa Municipal Government, Mathilde’s contributions have been pivotal. This collaboration continued as tokimeki provided support during the world championships in Fukuoka in 2023. 


In her role as Brand Ambassador, Alice has planned and hosted numerous events to enhance brand visibility. For a decade, she orchestrated the visits to Japan for the owners and the management team of Baron Philippe de Rothschild, gaining a profound understanding of the requirements of professionals traveling for business. 


Alice and Mathilde have traveled across Japan orchestrating VVIP events for luxury brands and forging partnerships with major sports competitions, promoting the French art de vivre. They guide you through extraordinary dinners and upscale operations that immerse your guests in a unique amalgamation of Japanese and French cultures. 

Japanese Culture 

Both holding advanced degrees in Japanese studies and residing in Japan for over ten years, Alice and Mathilde have acquired a deep appreciation of Japanese culture. They leverage this expertise to ensure your interactions with clients, prospects, and local partners are culturally attuned and respectful. 


Mathilde’s tenure in Kanazawa has enriched her understanding of Japanese crafts and traditional arts. She has spearheaded projects to bring these arts and their artisans international recognition, particularly while managing official delegations. Today, she leverages this insight to offer your guests an authentic encounter with the exquisite world of Japanese craftsmanship. 

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