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Sports Event Management 

At tokimeki, we are dedicated to turning your sports event aspirations into a seamless reality in Japan. Our profound expertise in Japanese administrative intricacies and our established local networks enable us to support your event planning with unparalleled confidence.

With tokimeki, your athletes are set up for success from the very start. 

Planning and Organization

Initial Consultation 

We begin with a thorough understanding of your vision, offering insights and advice attuned to Japan’s unique bureaucratic and cultural landscape. Our proactive approach includes guiding you through the initial steps of engaging with local entities, ensuring a smooth start to your event journey. 

Scouting Sports Facilities

Leverage our expansive network to secure the finest sports facilities and equipment tailored to your athletes’ needs. We handle all communications with venue teams, freeing you from logistical concerns. 

Human Logistics 

We adeptly coordinate every human element of your event—from vendors and partners to media relations—ensuring every participant is aligned with your event’s mission for a flawless execution. 

On-Site Coordination and Operations

Welcome and Local Support

From touchdown to takeoff, we are there to ensure every aspect of your team’s stay in Japan exceeds expectations. Tailoring activities beyond the sporting agenda, we provide opportunities for athletes to unwind, enrich their cultural experience, and remain focused on their performance. 

Coordination with Service Providers  

Cultural nuances and language barriers dissolve with tokimeki at the helm. We act as your advocate on the ground, orchestrating the efforts of all local teams, and paving the way for the event’s success. 

Trilingual Interpretation Services 

Communication clarity is paramount, and our trilingual interpreters are adept at ensuring your message resonates without misinterpretation. We are committed to facilitating culturally respectful and impactful dialogue, setting the stage for enduring partnerships. 

Choosing tokimeki

means promising your athletes an environment where they can excel, supported by smooth communication with the Japanese community. 

What our customers say

I really appreciated how fast they responded.

Mikkuru Farm

The trusting relationship with the partners was very appreciated. We are also very happy with how fast they intervened when there was an issue.

Sport departement
City of Kanazawa

It was all great, don’t change !

French Swimming Federation

Planning your next event in Japan ?

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