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Our website is trilingual, you can change the language on the right of the menu !

Tailored Events and Consulting 

Our trilingual team is both passionate and discreet, excelling in no fewer than six fields of expertise: wine, luxury, business, traditional Japanese crafts and culture, as well as high-performance sports. These deep wells of knowledge, combined with our local experience and a trusted network of partners, empower us to craft exceptional, tailor-made events for you and your brand—molded to fit your needs and budget constraints.

Here is a non-exhaustive selection of services that we can incorporate into our offering: 

Sport camp day off
Luxury accomodation
Order made food
Cultural activities
(here yabusame)
Product launch dinner
Flower arrangement
  • Customized advice for launching products in the Japanese market 
  • Access to high-end, exclusive, and novel venues for your events 
  • Concierge service 
  • Wine tasting and exploration of Japanese gastronomy 
  • Private events featuring cultural entertainment and artistic performances 
  • Logistic planning of your operation 
Bespoke dinner
Cultural experiences
Meeting support
Traditionnal dinner
Competition support
  • Administrative support, leveraging our experience with Japanese institutions 
  • VIP guest management 
  • Translation services, interpretation, and introductions to Japanese culture 
  • Higher-level business meetings 
  • Conferences and encounters with experts 

Planning an operation in Japan ?

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