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Turning your operations in Japan into unforgettable experiences.

tokimeki guides you through every step of your operation in Japan.

Facilitating your exchanges and building trust with our deep understanding of Japanese culture.
With us, you can focus on your project with peace of mind. 

Event Management

tokimeki guides you through all the steps to planning your operation in Japan.

Intercultural Communication

Overcome borders with our expert team who facilitates communication with your local partners.

Tailored Consulting

With our trilingual team, 10+ years of experience and our network we deliver expert on-demand support.

We believe in the power of cultural encounters, transcending differences to forge sustainable, meaningful connections.

Our expertises

Wines and spirits

Alice is a sommelier and with her Brand Amabassador expertise, she knows how to discern your needs and plan events that will put the spotlight on your brand.


Be it for preparation camps or competition our experienced trilignual team takes care of your big events’ planning so that you can focus on your athletes.


We guide you through the planning of your visiting program, help you find local partners and explain the Japanese work ethic to facilitate communication.


tokimeki plans unique operations for you, supported by specialists to enhance your brand and meet the level of service your clients expect.

Japanese Culture

Living and working in Japan for more than 10 our team will know how to guide you in you interactions with your local partners and advise you to ensure a smooth stay.


After her 7 years stay in Kanazawa City where many tradtionnal crafts are still thriving, Mathilde knows which exclusive options to add to your itinerary.

They trusted us

Our guests had a really good time on the activity days and there was a good selection of activities, delivered by experienced professionals. We enjoyed working with you both directly and the rapport that was built.

London-based Creative agency

The relations of trust with the partners is highly appreciated. We are also very happy with how fast you react when an issue arises.

Sports department
City of Kanazawa

Thank you for making our Japanese dream come true once again. It is a first collaboration, and probably our best memory of a training camp in Japan.

Ecole Française de JuJitsu et Self-Défense

Let’s Talk

Planning your next venture in Japan? 
Let’s discuss your project. Share with us your expectations, goals, and concerns. 

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