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MICE Event Management  

Expand your business into the Japanese and Asian markets through MICE events that establish a tangible presence and build strong local partnerships. With tokimeki, turn your goals into meticulously organized, exceptional moments, be it product launches, gala dinners, or networking with potential partners, clients, and prospects.

Our combined expertise in diplomatic relations and luxury allows us to plan your events down to the last detail, tailoring them to your desires and needs. Your brand’s identity and values will be represented, communicated, and elevated to your target audience. 

Corporate Event Management in Japan

Product Launches  

Introducing a new product to the Japanese market? Let tokimeki craft an unforgettable event that resonates with your audience and stays within your budget. 

Marketing Initiatives  

Leverage our deep understanding of Japanese culture and business for intercultural marketing communications. We will ensure your campaign is finely tuned to engage the Japanese public, fostering lasting connections. 

Incentive Travel  

For operations that include families and partners, trust tokimeki to create a tailored accompanying program that showcases the best of Japanese culture, while strengthening team bonds and creating cherished corporate memories. 

Conferences & Meetings  

To showcase the expertise of your VIP guests, we organize conferences, seminars, and summits that reflect the stature of your enterprise, paying close attention to technical, human, logistical, and cultural details. 


Want to present your products at a Japanese trade show but worried about language and cultural barriers? tokimeki not only manages logistics and technicalities but also prepares your team to interact effectively with Japanese businesses. 


Blending French savoir-vivre with Japanese refinement, tokimeki will craft a perfectly orchestrated ceremony, making it an exceptional international beacon for your brand. 

International Relations  

Immerse yourself in Japanese culture with tokimeki and establish a program that fortifies team relationships and expands your network. We’ll advise you on prime locations for your operation and grant access to unique activities in exclusive venues. 

Bespoke Events  

Dreaming of an event that embodies your brand identity? tokimeki listens and delivers a tailor-made, remarkable event experience aligned with your vision. 

Event Planning 

Initial Stakeholder Engagement  

Planning an event from abroad can be daunting. As your ambassador in Japan, tokimeki facilitates smooth interactions with all local contacts through our trilingual team. 

Administrative Management  

Navigating a foreign country’s administration for an event is a formidable challenge. With tokimeki, rest easy; we handle all official procedures, planning, event execution, and post-event communications. 

Exchange Monitoring  

tokimeki safeguards your communications. Whether you require discreet oversight for smooth dialogue or comprehensive management, our team adapts to your needs. 

On-Site Coordination and Operations

Welcoming and Support  

Upon request, tokimeki’s team can be present throughout the event, managing local service providers or simply offering support to ensure seamless communication and peace of mind. 

Service Providers Coordination  

Before, during, and after your event, tokimeki manages all provider coordination, offering you a single point of serene and clear interaction: us. 

Trilingual Interpretation 

With degrees in Japanese studies and years of living on the archipelago, tokimeki’s team brings total cultural and linguistic fluency. Paired with professional experiences in luxury, business, and diplomacy, we ensure comprehensive support in all local interactions, regardless of the context. 

Opting for tokimeki ensures an event executed to perfection, reflecting the caliber of your enterprise and fostering the development of lasting relationships within Japan. 

What Our Customers Say

Well executed and good qualitative event

Baron Philippe de Rothschild

Our guests had a really good time on the activity days and there was a good selection of activities, delivered by experienced professionals. We enjoyed working with you both directly and the rapport that was built.

London-based Creative agency

I very much appreciated their fast responses.

Mikkuru Farm

Are you planning an operation in Japan ?

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