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Intercultural Communication 

With tokimeki, you will go beyond borders, with our team leading the way as you learn to gear up for meetings, negotiations, and every type of professional engagement through our expertise in intercultural communication. Our hands-on experience gives you an insider’s perspective on the Japanese market, empowering you to showcase your brand and its values in the most favorable way and in the market’s own language. 

Project Management in Japan

Facilitating Communication 

What distance should you keep from your interlocutors? How do you establish a trustful relationship with a partner? How should you present your products to a client? tokimeki has the answers to all these questions for the Japanese market. You will navigate with ease through various meetings regardless of their context. 

Trilingual Translation (FR-JA-EN) 

With higher education in Japanese language and several years of experience living in Japan, the tokimeki team engages in Japanese across a multitude of contexts. This experience enables them to support you, whether it involves technical documents or professional correspondences. 

Online Interpreting

Whether you wish to prepare for your event with video conferences or be it  entirely online, the tokimeki team provides the necessary interpreting services to ensure that every intervention is perfectly understood by all parties, no matter the language. 

Intercultural Communication Training  

Business Etiquette in Japan  

With tokimeki at your side, you will grasp the intricacies of interacting with your Japanese contacts. Our team will guide you through the do’s and don’ts of Japanese business culture, teaching you the how to’s to convey respect and humility. We equip you with the insights needed to earn trust and forge robust international partnerships. 

Negotiating with the Japanese  

Unlock the secrets to the Japanese business psyche with tokimeki. Our cultural insights pave the way for smooth negotiations, allowing you to confidently manage your contracts and ventures. Say goodbye to the fear of cultural missteps. Armed with an understanding of local etiquette, you will engage in negotiations that will steer your initiatives toward success. 

The FAJ association

Starting a business isn’t easy. FAJ supports French speaking women in Japan’s professional journey, and…
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What Our Customers Say

I appreciasted not having to worry about the logistics of the event.

Mieux Vivre en Ville

Thanks to the thick confidence between tokimeki and our french partners, it was very smooth.
tokimeki also responded very fast whenever a problem arose.

Sport Department
City of Kanazawa

Thanks to you, we could make our dream of training in Japan come tue once again, thank you very much !

Ecole Française de JuJitsu et Self-Défense

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