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WINE : Implementing Market Monitoring in Japan


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Vinexpo Asia just ended, the en primeur campaigns are behind us, but there are still a few actions to be implemented before the summer break !
If some of you are caught up in the Revised 2 exercise, it’s still the perfect time to ensure that the market activation plan is in place to finish the year in style.

In September, as we know, it’s time to step on it to ensure that orders are placed and that we don’t miss the key periods of high wine consumption.
It gets very hot during July and August in Japan, and people are more likely to choose a cold beer over a glass of red wine, no matter how light it may be. So what can you do when you’re a wine producer and not an IPA brewer ?

  1. If your wine portfolio includes white and rosé wines, why not boost actions and communication around these selections ?
  2. Prepare for Fall season with small and medium-sized consumer events (tastings, dinners, after-work events, etc.) to get to know your fans and strengthen our relationships with distributors and HORECA clients.
  3. Anticipate the following year with tastings and meetings with professionals to help them rediscover your products and include you in their menus or portfolios.

Here at tokimeki, F&B is at the heart of our expertise. Promoting Foreign Food and Drinks to Japanese consumers is an integral part of our skill set.

Given the distance, time difference, cultural differences, and the unique business strategies of each and every company, successfully executing a marketing plan in Japan isn’t easy. We have seen this kind of dysfunction with clients. We know that the straw that breaks the camel’s back is not just an expression; it shows in more ways than one.

Before communication completely breaks down due to one-way discussions, it’s important to know how to distinguish the issues, recognize your mistakes, and make concessions. However, this doesn’t mean taking your distributor’s words as gospel.

So yes, the market may be active and depletions on track, but if the pricing structure doesn’t seem to fit…

That’s when you need to go into the field, sometimes without your distributor, to see the reality of the market. Where are your products? How are they displayed and at what price?

Having field information is crucial to making the right decisions and moving forward wisely.

This is where tokimeki can help you. Based in Tokyo, tokimeki can be your local eyes and ears when you don’t have employees deployed in the area or if you want a neutral assessment of your presence. Our team can gather price data, act as mystery shoppers, and meet with your distributors to better understand their difficulties and find solutions to improve your partnership.
Finally, we can implement unique activations alongside them to help you get closer to your objectives.

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