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The FAJ association

The FAJ association


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Starting a business isn’t easy. Doing it in a foreign country is even harder. But doing all of that as a woman? That’s a whole other story. And that’s where the FAJ association comes in: “Facilitating Women’s Ambition in Japan”

The structure

FAJ is a French 1901 law association created in 2009 and based within the French Embassy in Japan. It helps, supports, and accompanies French-speaking women of all nationalities in their development on Japanese soil, whether they are students, entrepreneurs, or on professional standby. The association is thus at the center of a community whose members come from all walks of life, of which tokimeki is, of course, a part.

The structure is managed by 14 dynamic and perfectly bilingual professionals, responsible for the organization and communication of the association, as well as the coordination of its members. In concrete terms, FAJ has an annual membership fee of 6000 yen to benefit from frequent networking events, diverse workshops, numerous events, mentoring, and an entrepreneur club.

To learn more, we strongly invite you to visit their website, but today, let’s focus on the entrepreneur club!

As the association aptly puts it: “We do better together.” Every year, this lively club revolves around this motto and its three main values: commitment, kindness, and listening.

This club is actually an 8-months program during which professionals come together to work on their development. Once a month, members discuss and exchange with guest speakers, who are there to assist them on various topics ranging from marketing to finances to the basic organization of a business.

In addition to these monthly meetings, members also have “homework assignments” that they complete using summary sheets from each session. The growth envisioned by this club is to have independant and competent women at the end of the formation who are ready to continue evolving.

We are part of the FAJ community and we have lead workshops in our areas of expertise. For us, it’s an opportunity to create new connections with professionals while “revisiting” the arguments and proposals we sometimes put forward during our various meetings with clients and partners!

Whether you’re newly arrived or have been settled on the archipelago for years, FAJ can help you develop professionally, as it has been the case with us!

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