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Tomodachi Testimony : City of Kanazawa


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Mathilde worked for Kanazawa City from 2014 to 2021, and we still have a great relationship to this day.
Here we are introducing a heartwarming testimony from Kanazawa about when we worked together.

Kanazawa hosted the French national teams for swimming, weightlifting, and paralympic swimming as a training camp for the Tokyo Olympics. tokimeki was responsible for preliminary negotiations and interpretation during the camp.


Hosting high-level national teams was a new endeavor for the city. During the preliminary negotiations, there was an abundance of challenging terms, including equipment names and specialized terminology specific to each discipline. However, thanks to tokimeki’s strong linguistic skills, they were able to adapt these discussions to make them understandable for us, which allowed us to be fully prepared.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous rules were established and modified. It was crucial to accurately convey these information to the French side, and it was imperative for the athletes to understand and adhere to restrictions such as athlete health checks and the bubble system implemented in Japan. Thanks to tokimeki’s consistent and precise effort in conveying the situation in Japan, as well as meticulously explaining the pandemic prevention measures, the French teams were able to travel to Japan with confidence, earning us their complete trust.

Furthermore, our relationship with tokimeki went beyond mere translations. In times of difficulty, the team consistently offered constructive suggestions, which helped us progress collectively towards our goal. Tokimeki was truly a proactive partner in the realization of this project.

In addition to their linguistic skills, both of them have a positive personality and are always smiling. We will not hesitate to work with them again if the opportunity arises.

In Kanazawa, even after the closing of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, online exchanges between the French teams and the children of Kanazawa continue. The fact that we can leave such a rich legacy as a host city is largely thanks to tokimeki. Kanazawa wishes to further expand the foundations of exchange with the French teams in the future, and we will always rely on the support of Mathilde and Alice for this.

Many thanks to Kanazawa for this precious testimony.

Since our launch in 2021, Kanazawa City has trusted us with several operations including the Tokyo Olympics training camps, post Olympics exchanges and the Swimming World Championships and we are very grateful.
We will continue to expand in order to honor the trust Kanazawa has put in us.

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