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Okaeri tokimeki : Our offices in Nakano.


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To have beautiful offices to welcome your determined team: the dream of every professional. At tokimeki, this dream became reality almost 1 year ago. We moved to Nakano and, believe us, choosing the right location is essential for any company.


Nakano is an evolving neighborhood on a human scale that has retained its residential character. Located in western Tokyo, it’s close to several major thoroughfares. It’s also the favorite neighborhood of Alice, co-founder of tokimeki.

Yes, we’re pragmatic entrepreneurs, but some decisions are made from the heart. So we gave in to the charms of Nakano and its popular culture. It’s deeply rooted in the daily life of the neighborhood, thanks in particular to the mythical Nakano Broadway and its 4 floors of stores dedicated to manga fans and other otakus.

Be smart

The area is pleasant on a personal level, but also strategic on a professional one. On the JR Chuo line, Nakano is within easy reach of busy areas such as Shinjuku. The streets of Nakano are also full of places ideal for a business meeting. Particularly its restaurants, which have a very local aura that usually leaves a good impression on our customers.

Choosing premises that we really liked also meant we had at least one good reason to get up in the morning. The events business involves a lot of planning, and we don’t spend all our time out in the field scouting or meeting our partners. So we wanted bright, welcoming offices that would enable us to work in the best possible conditions. We’ve done just that, and we can say that it’s a game changer!

The world is wide

For tokimeki it was Nakano, but for you it may be another neighborhood or even another city. One of the advantages of entrepreneurship is that you can make certain choices, so why deprive yourself? Explore the city in which you want to set up, note down your favorite neighborhoods, check if they’re strategically viable and then go for it!

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